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Thread: Humm!!

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    Ok guys so i have this 2 "anerythristic" Plains Radix..2 beauties...they come from Thomas Hamilton line and after talking to him, He believes that the reason they look so blue and heavy checkered its because they come from hybino bloodlines, BUT lol i think there's something else going on here...this guys as they grow turn more blue and the checkering gets more heavy.....they do have small blue axantic Gene since they came from albino het anery X Het snow 50% pos het Blue axantic....ive never seen anerythristic get this way yes some show a bit of checkering wich as it goes down the body turns balck and they lose it..this guys dont lose it, the checkering goes all the way down till the tip if the tail....what do you guys think, opinions,thoughts???

    This is the smallest one, as she grows the checkering and vlue is coming out nicely

    This is the bigger one of the 2 and as you could see, nothing like your typical anery

    Heres a pic with the Flash on, you could see the blue alot better

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    Re: Humm!!

    I think, what ever they are, they're pretty, and the world needs more of them.

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    Re: Humm!!

    That 4th pic sure looks like a blue axanthic not a black. It's difficult to tell them apart as babies sometimes, until you have produced a bunch. I have also two different color phases of the blue axanthic over the years within litter. Some are more blue and some are lighter more blue green.

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    Re: Humm!!

    Very nice productions Julio! It looks like the possible 50% het blue gene in the parent has shown influence in the hatchling and I would think has proven out.
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