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Thread: My Garter Doesn't Move A lot

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    Question My Garter Doesn't Move A lot

    I caught a little baby common garter last week, and put him in a nice 10 gallon tub with some paper towels, a water dish, and a toilet paper tube to hide in. However, all he seems to do is curl away in his tube all day or hide under the paper towel. I've been feeding him pinky mice pieces and earthworms every few days and replenishing his water. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or are garters normally this inactive? Thanksss~~~

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    Re: My Garter Doesn't Move A lot

    Neonates are almost at the bottom of the food chain. Hiding is natural at this point, "you hide, you might survive" As long as the little one eating, that is a big victory. Be patient and she/he will come around. Taking it out and holding is always an option but it is also very stressful.
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    Re: My Garter Doesn't Move A lot

    I have a couple of females that are out only 50% of the time. My one male is out and moving 100% of the time. Amazing how they all have different personalities.
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