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Thread: Sad news

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    Sad news

    Well, I was going to get back into the whole forum scene about five months ago, but shortly after I got on and made my first post Houdini passed away and I couldn't really bring myself to get back on for awhile.
    I'm sure some of the veteran members remember me talking about him from several years ago, but he was an 18 year old eastern garter who was completely blind for about the last six years of his life. Luckily he went peacefully, and hadn't experienced any real decline in health other than being a bit thin and arthritic. Not totally sure, but I haven't heard of any eastern older than him.

    I also lost both my other eastern males within about six months of each other. About three years ago they had both caught what the vet said was a particularly bad intestinal bug, and had never really been 100% since then. Considering the similar circumstances and timing of their deaths, I'm pretty sure it was related to the damage done by that.

    I do still have my two blackneck siblings (including the stunted nearly-ftt guy with the neurological issues for anyone who remembers his story, who is doing great other than being tiny and a jerk) and his sister who is a giant lol.

    At any rate, I've still been lurking around regularly and finally felt like I could talk about Houdini passing away and actually participate again without getting upset (he was a childhood gift from my grandfather who passed away, so losing him was particularly tough).
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    Re: Sad news

    Hi Lora. I like this only bc it hits home for all of us. So sorry for your losses for sure. I do remember Houdini very well and he was so special for all he gave to all of us on the forum. He and your other Easterns will be missed a lot . We have no control over the morbidity and mortality of these animals . All we can do is try and give them the best care and husbandry that we can. I too lost three garters this year, a male and two adult females. Coming out of brumation, neither of them made it. They were a breeding trio of granite checkereds and het granites. In any case, you are not alone, and coming back and posting about your loss will prove therapeutic and helpful for all. Thanks and welcome back! We have missed you.
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    Re: Sad news

    Sorry for your loss.
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    Re: Sad news

    Sorry to hear!

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