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Thread: Sex and calmness

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    Re: Sex and calmness

    Now in possession of 4 females, (3 s sirtalis and 1 radix), plus my male s infernalis. The infernalis is somewhat asocial and likes to hide alot, while the females are more outgoing. Every female eating out of hand although some with more elegance than others . One female even actively seek contact and happily takes a tour in my hand. Pretty happy about that because i like to have a little interaction with the snakes!
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    Re: Sex and calmness

    Most female Thamnophis are calm, there are a few exceptions and there are exceptions by species also. As with most males of the species, they are more about "feed me and leave me alone" with some exceptions. I once had a nature abused wild male radix that looked like he had been in a war. He would go crazy at the site of me in the room. It took a year to calm him down and he became a good and trusted radix. He gladly came to me and hung out, I miss my boy "Scar" I still have one of his daughter and she is the spitting image of her father with the temperament of her mom(Lucky,R.I.P.)
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