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    Exclamation Jumpy Female Garter Snake?

    I have a young female Garter and she gets super hyper when I am about to feed her. One moment she will want the food and then she will bolt around her habitat like I am chasing her or something. I am sitting next to her now with the habitat lid closed and she is comfy on her log, barely moving under her heat lamp. I was wondering if this is just a juvenile thing they do, or she is just bored with nothing else to do. I am a new snake owner and I just want what's best for her. Is there anything I can do to keep her calm? She isn't having a problem eating or drinking, she is sleeping normally and the temperature in the habitat is perfect. She also gets jumpy if me or my husband move around the room. Thank you for any help that is provided!

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    Re: Jumpy Female Garter Snake?

    Sorry for the delay in responding. How long have you had her and how sure are you that it's a female? Sounds like male behavior not to say you couldn't have a jumpy female. A photo would be great to give us a species and size. It takes 5 post for some of the new member limitations to drop so you might need to post a few more times. What are you feeding?
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