One question that keeps coming back around is "How do I put a photograph into my post?" So here's a quick guide.

To upload the photo into your gallery:

First go to the "Gallery" tab. Click this, then select "My Photos" (on the left) from the tool bar, then click "Upload Photos" from the next toolbar. You are then presented with a new screen, with fields to fill in and a browse button so that you can find the picture on your PC. Fill in the fields and click the "Upload/Submit" button. Your picture will then be uploaded into the gallery, this can sometimes take a few minutes, especially with larger photos, so please be patient. That picture is now available to add to your future posts.

To place a photo into a post:

Go to "Gallery", then "My Photos", then select the photo you wish to post. Scroll down to the bottom of the pic until you find the box "Copy to Clipboard", click this and another box opens, click the "Allow Access" option in this new box. You may now go back to write your post. Right click inside the post box, wherever you want the picture to go...either above, below or in the middle of your text. Select the "paste" option. That's it, your photo is posted! Hope this helps. Good luck.