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  1. (ANY ADVICE) Garter snake seizures and not been eating for a few weeks.
  2. Stuck Shed on Head
  3. ~EMERGENCY~ Young garter snake suddenly refusing food, been over 2 months.
  4. Poop/ urates are pink
  5. SOS injured garter snek
  6. Injured garter snake- a buddy of mine
  7. Bulge in Tail
  8. Ball python with substrate stuck under scales! Please help!
  9. Help
  10. Found an injured grass snake
  11. Hard yellow sap like substance in tank
  12. Snake Hit By Shovel
  13. Mom Hit A Wild Snake With Shovel
  14. Something wrong with the tail?
  15. My snake seems to have lost scales, Can they come back? Whats the problem?
  16. Twisty Snake
  17. Ate an aspen chip
  18. Injured Baby Garter Snake
  19. Got A Vet Involved, Just Looking For Others With Experience With This
  20. ok now my ribbon snakes won't even eat.
  21. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! injured garter snake!!
  22. Cold snake.
  23. albino checkered won't grow - 10mo+?
  24. Vent Blockage
  25. Huge lump of dead skin above vent on garter
  26. Parasitic eggs? Undeveloped ova? Or normal poop?
  27. Part of garter snake's eye appears clouded - 1 year old garter snake
  28. Something is wrong with my snake's eye
  29. Blackneck Garter Snake rescue
  30. Garter snake vs cat
  31. HELP I think my snake is dying!!
  32. Please Help, Injured Garter Snake
  33. Dead Babies
  34. Ripped Skin- Help!
  35. In remote area with no snake vets around. Need advice
  36. Blue puget roadblock....
  37. Constipated or something
  38. My snake is sick?
  39. HELP My Snake Stopped Eating
  40. severe weight loss in baby checkered garter that refuses to eat
  41. Mouth Rot or Something else?
  42. Injured wild garter
  43. Garter Snake can't quite defecate
  44. Ibd?
  45. Found a baby and now what?
  46. Found injured garter snake need info on what to do???
  47. Found injured garter snake need info on what to do???
  48. Snake won't eat, too early for hibernation
  49. Help! Wild injured garter snake
  50. Dehydrated and under weight, help plz
  51. Will my one goldfish kill my garter?
  52. Help! Garter snake has something stuck in throat!
  53. Lawn mower injury
  54. Scales bulge on garter?
  55. Hello Again. Possible RI?
  56. Feeding problems
  57. urgent please help
  58. Throat Lump
  59. Smelly red goop piles on substrate
  60. Probably been asked before
  61. Help
  62. Urgent Force Feeding Help
  63. I'm freaking out about my wee one.
  64. Bloody Regurge
  65. My first Garters! What species are they?
  66. Thiaminase problem or .....?
  67. Slugs...
  68. Experience with provent-a-mite
  69. Well I finally caved and took your advice now I have a sick snake.
  70. My big girl refuses food
  71. Blackneck Garter Acting Strange/Freaking Out
  72. Lawn Mower Rescue
  73. Constipated?
  74. growth around mouth
  75. Egg binding
  76. wild garter snake rehab in Oregon
  77. poorly garter
  78. mouth rot
  79. shedding issue
  80. Dehydrated snake..
  81. What're these spots?
  82. Garter Snake Shaking
  83. Sick Garter
  84. What's going on???
  85. My Garter is sick!
  86. Apathetic Snake
  87. Possible Retained Eye Caps
  88. Odd lumps
  89. How to de-stress and get my wild caught baby garter to eat?
  90. Caught very young Garter in basement what to do?
  91. Augie can't move upper body
  92. Gravid Snake
  93. Cut snake tail
  94. Crushed Snake
  95. Breathing problems?
  96. Snake tail injury!
  97. Snakes tail is cut off!!!
  98. Swelling on mouth?
  99. Snake won't eat
  100. Prolapsed cloaca
  101. Blood when Musking?
  102. Scale injury?
  103. Feeding problem.
  104. asdfas
  105. My damn snake is broken.
  106. wtf is this on his lip
  107. large cut
  108. Sudden Neurological issue
  109. Garter suddenly won't eat
  110. How long until taking action when not eating
  111. There's a squishy bump on my snake!
  112. cannibalism?!?!?!
  113. Little feeding trick
  114. Garters Not Eating
  115. Snake pooing blood, please help
  116. Difficulty passing slugs; When do I go to a vet?
  117. Gartersnake death
  118. death of my little girl
  119. Garter snake sick from giving birth?
  120. Found a garter snake being attacked by cat, Laceration to lower tail (2" from tail)
  121. Ribbon Snake possible spinal damage?
  122. PLEASE Help
  123. Respiratory Infection
  124. Probably worrying too much, but...
  125. Injured Garter Snake
  126. Scale rot?
  127. throwing up?
  128. is my snake hurt?
  129. Regurgitated pinky piece then ate it again
  130. big red worms
  131. retained shed? or something else
  132. Tail irregularities in Eastern Ribbon Snake
  133. Cause For Concern
  134. Not eating
  135. sticky situation
  136. i can see snake breathing and breathes are about 1 sec apart
  137. How to perform your own fecal count
  138. Vent Abbrasion.
  139. not shedding?
  140. Maximum body expansion?
  141. Scale problems?
  142. Disturbing Drunken-like Behavior
  143. Shocking tail loss.
  144. This is odd...
  145. Pesticides
  146. Need Help feeding problem!
  147. Constipated Snake...
  148. Sudden onset neurological problem
  149. Can anyone please help?!?
  150. Incompetent vet
  151. Sudden Death Parasites?
  152. Mouth infection or something ??
  153. Freeze, the Checkered Garter Update
  154. Wrong worms?
  155. Not eating
  156. Blue eyes after recent shed
  157. Steve's head
  158. Nebulization of Sick/New Snakes
  159. Find a Vet.. Vet info and locations
  160. Re-hydrating the Dehydrated
  161. Bit concerned about this
  162. Balance/movement issues?!
  163. Strange and disturbing mass death of babies
  164. Strange White color around scales on head
  165. Eastern lays in cold water dish all day.
  166. Blindness --> Eyes falling out (a bit graphic/disturbing)
  167. How long to treat?
  168. Help please - snake not eating after escape
  169. Cloudy eyes w/Mouth infection?
  170. Mouth infection not improving...
  171. Seizures
  172. Possible RI ?
  173. HELP!!! baby garter stuck to adhesive!!
  174. Weird Scale Bulge
  175. Clicking
  176. Head Twitch
  177. Early mouth infection...
  178. Need help my garter has worms or paradites need meds will pay for them
  179. Chicago Eastern Odd Movements
  180. Question about garter snake in my yard- dead or hibernating badly???
  181. Paralyzed tail
  182. Garter is having seizures, help/advice needed!
  183. Blood from nose, Gone fast.
  184. How do I know if an injured garter snake is okay to release back to the wild?
  185. Scent Gland Infection(Abscess)
  186. Respiratory infection?
  187. Melanomas in "black snakes"
  188. Unable to feed
  189. Weird spot on neck
  190. Mites !
  191. Crushed babies?
  192. Brain injury
  193. Neonate Baby Regurge
  194. infected belly button???
  195. Deworming a wildcaught?
  196. Sudden and horrible kinking
  197. Wild caught and injured
  198. contractions ???
  199. Wheezing....maybe
  200. Injury
  201. Random seizures
  202. Pancur doses, anyone do self treating?
  203. limp back half
  204. Snake wellness based on...
  205. Injured Eye T.radix Female
  206. Áhristmas in june
  207. Injured escapee
  208. Injured, slightly squished, garter snake
  209. anyone from UK info needed
  210. Toxic worms and deflated look.
  211. Opinions on what this is please (lip infection?)
  212. Mysterious Orange Goo
  213. Injury !
  214. my thamnophis don't eat
  215. Help- more jellies.
  216. oh, please help - lucy is having seizures
  217. Snake Breathing Treatments
  218. Minor Surgery
  219. Draining a lump
  220. Open mouth breathing
  221. List of concerns ...
  222. My Garter Snake is making a strange noise.
  223. Lucy is talking - should I be concerned?
  224. The wheezing is back...
  225. Novice Caring for a friends Snake - Humidity Issues
  226. Dark bump under vent?? She or He
  227. Question about scars and scales
  228. force feeding time??
  229. About to shed and I'm going away
  230. I am sick :(
  231. End of tail came off
  232. retained shed
  233. Lip infection?
  234. rough skin?...
  235. Seizures in Eastern Ribbon
  236. Eyecap didn't come off!!! Help me out here
  237. Troubled Shed (T. Butleri)
  238. Dry skin - doesn't look like typical shedding
  239. Mouth infection on baby snake!!
  240. Caught in the drain
  241. Sudden symptoms!
  242. Something is going on with Cee Cee...
  243. Please help. Sudden injury to scales on my snake's neck!
  244. Female garter snake sick
  245. Snake died
  246. Found a pretty yellow eastern injured today
  247. shotgut therapy for w/c garters
  248. Mouth Injury/rot (ULCERATIVE STOMATITIS)
  249. rescued a Garter snake, need some advice!!
  250. Non-eaters