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  1. I think my snake is shedding again? And a question about weight.
  2. Co-habbing two wandering garters
  3. Basking light/heat mat question
  4. Switching to mice
  5. Wanted to post about the first shed of a WC eastern I accidentally adopted in Oct2018
  6. Feeding Garter Rosy Red Minnows!!!!
  7. How Long Can A Baby Go
  8. Tale injury
  9. My ribbon snakes are terrified of me.
  10. why does baby snakes just die all sudden?
  11. New snake owner - lots of general questions!
  12. babies decay snakes eating questions.
  13. Help me!!! New snake owner.
  14. How do I care for a northwestern garter snake?
  15. Food question
  16. Baby Won’t Eat Worms????
  17. Another thread on Garter not eating...
  18. Another new garter!
  19. Infertile eggs
  20. Can Plains Garter Snakes Eat Minnows?
  21. 5 Years Alone
  22. Not actually a garter but close, question on feeding dekayi
  23. Looking for some new friendly species
  24. Some questions considering communal housing
  25. Coast Garter Won't Eat (4.5 months without food)
  26. New garter enclosure
  27. New baby garters
  28. pinkies/week adult garter?
  29. Healthy weight?? Slowing down for winter??
  30. WC eastern garter snake, injured and won't eat
  31. Sirtalis all of the sudden went off feed. Need a little help.
  32. Snake room
  33. Time for Brumation?
  34. wild garter snake that got into some trouble wont eat?
  35. Idea to get baby snake to eat?
  36. Momma wont birth all babies! Help!!
  37. Garter snake keeper
  38. Young Infernalis won't eat.
  39. Best diet for my Santa Cruz (T. a. atratus)?
  40. Will shedding synchronize?
  41. Fish Guts
  42. Is my garter fat?
  43. Should I introduce a cage mate/friend?
  44. Silk worms (Bombyx mori) as feed?
  45. Went from eating good to a hunger strike!
  46. Shedding with damaged skin
  47. Snake for 26 bowfront
  48. How to tame wild caught garters?
  49. A couple questions about dekayi care
  50. Winter Fast?
  51. Finally a meal of all pinkies.
  52. Garter snake ate leaf?????
  53. Introducing WC to CB
  54. wild baby albino garter snake care advice
  55. Eating Problem: My Garter's off her feed
  56. (Dekay's) What if he won't eat worms?
  57. Eating problem: Could a bigger terrarium help?
  58. Jumpy Female Garter Snake?
  59. Slug Colony to keep for Winter?
  60. Red Wigglers?
  61. Out of the Blue.....
  62. terrarium
  63. terrarium
  64. feeding baby T. concinnus
  65. Blue puget quarantine..
  66. Sex and calmness
  67. Feeder Fish
  68. Gizzards?
  69. New Albino Checkered! Any advice on communal housing?
  70. Advice on switching a baby garter snake from live fish?
  71. Stunted growth of Checkered garters
  72. Baby garter too small for pinky's
  73. Baby snake help
  74. Feeding Fequency
  75. How to cool the cool side
  76. Stimulating the appetite of a picky eater
  77. Caging Size
  78. Caging Size
  79. 2009 Blue Puget female..
  80. Baby Snake Feeding Concerns
  81. garter snake husbandry
  82. Feeding garter snake live mice
  83. Checkered garter not eating
  84. Northern Redbelly HELP
  85. How long is too long?
  86. What's my snake?
  87. Can't get my temperatures up
  88. Cool yet snake stays on cool side...why?
  89. Faust: A Cautionary Tale
  90. Study on how garters bask properly and under what parameters.
  91. Total nutrition for my garters
  92. Another Feeding Problem Thread
  93. The Garter Snake Bible
  94. Safety issue feeding earthworms
  95. Converting to fish
  96. New "technique" for converting WC to mice
  97. Appropriate size difference for garters that will be kept together
  98. How often to feed?
  99. can Checkered garter snake be kept in groups?
  100. Feeding
  101. Checkered Garter temeprature tolerance
  102. Provent-a-Mite (Update 8/15)
  103. Predatory Mites
  104. Are Garter Snakes good beginner snakes?
  105. Female garter not eating
  106. How much to feed
  107. WC garters switched to mice And skin problem
  108. Brumation
  109. Garter Snake Care and Information
  110. Baby granite pastels update..
  111. Keeping the food alive - namely fish / guppies
  112. on feeding Long large night crawlers
  113. Feeder Fish without Thiaminase?
  114. 2015 granite checkered het pastel FEMALE.......
  115. Smelt question
  116. Feeding after brumation
  117. Adult Atratus not eating post brumation
  118. feeding questions for Checkered Garters
  119. Yet Another Feeding Post
  120. Yet another urgent feeding post...
  121. help! baby garter won't eat!
  122. questions regarding thamnophis marciauns snake care
  123. Sudden death?
  124. Not sure what's wrong..
  125. Feeding Adjustments
  126. Feeding Garter chopped up hoppers?
  127. Breeding size/age?
  128. Temperature preferences?
  129. Making a New Setup
  130. Eastern Garter Not Eating
  131. Nightcrawler source
  132. Just a Few Questions...
  133. Mature male and baby??
  134. where do u guys buy worms?
  135. Strange garter feces
  136. Some General questions
  137. Young Garter Not Eating
  138. Eating Problems
  139. Picky eater; preference of where to get fish!
  140. is it ok to feed my garters chicken liver?
  141. Likely cause of death?
  142. Baby Garter Snake Not Eating
  143. T. s. tetrataenia eating
  144. Wacky shed
  145. A horror story I hope everyone can learn from
  146. The Art of...Cutting Up Pinkies?
  147. Bad shed
  148. waste of worms
  149. Fresh water, derp?
  150. Checker needs a gf
  151. Snake compatibility?
  152. Wandering Garter questions (Soaking and parasites)
  153. How often do you feed a scrub?
  154. do you guys have that one garter pig?
  155. Frozen SilverSides....
  156. To feed or not to feed that is the question....
  157. Feeder Fish Questions
  158. Where to keep my garter snakes
  159. Garter snake not eating??
  160. Artic Mice Recall
  161. Size after one year?
  162. Question about Calcium
  163. Odd colored f/t silversides???
  164. feeding after purchasing?
  165. question on snails
  166. are African night crawlers okay for garter snake to eat?
  167. How exactly do you care for nightcrawlers?
  168. College student looking to get a garter(need advice)
  169. How to freeze feeder fish?
  170. Hope I'm in the right section.
  171. Mosquitofish
  172. Quick housing question
  173. Aspen bedding, can it kill
  174. Parasite treatment???
  175. Home made garter grub? do you guys use/make it?? if so what is your recipes???
  176. What is this on these pinkies?
  177. Any Advice?
  178. Housing different species together
  179. Two babies in a 20 gallon?
  180. Envenomation of rodents
  181. help on integrating pinkies to my garters
  182. albino and bright light...
  183. Lighting affecting color?
  184. baby eastern needs lion taming.... lol... help
  185. Sudden Move Coming Up
  186. Evil Garter Snake
  187. Food and feeding habits, is this normal?
  188. Can garters get impaction of the gut from fur bearing rodents?
  189. New Male Albino T. marcianus
  190. Another one? Bigger and mild injuries....
  191. Wild caught YOUNG Garter snake, any advice please.
  192. silversides ok?
  193. Substrate for young Thamnophis.
  194. mosquito fish for puget sound???? please help
  195. Raising a wild garter and have questions.
  196. rosey reds
  197. Newborn Snake help
  198. Baby earthworms?
  199. New Puget Sound coming to me soon.... have lots of ???
  200. Foods
  201. Newborn Care
  202. Going away for a week.
  203. slugs what kind to use
  204. Feeder Fish with anchor worms!
  205. When Tape Is Acceptable
  206. calcium in water?
  207. Ekohs first shed coming soon
  208. Pinkies
  209. question about sexing
  210. Guess what I found this morning!
  211. Question about pre-shedding behavior
  212. A few questions about general care
  213. Is crape myrtle tree wood snake safe?
  214. Need Help with Starting Puget Scrubs
  215. Sea fish?
  216. Where to get worms for food?
  217. How do you breed nightcrawlers?
  218. Faecal Checks - Is this normal?
  219. Garter Snake care in general.
  220. ♫ Do You See What I See ♫
  221. Enclosure Don'ts
  222. fuzzies?
  223. Size table for garters ?
  224. African soft fur rats as feeders?
  225. White Organ Inside Pinkie Mice
  226. thiamine B, how long?
  227. Can I feed wild-caught fish?
  228. Do I need a Terranium Liner?
  229. Uvb
  230. ZooMed Canned Snails
  231. Got a question about feeding...
  232. Garter snake found in a bad situation.
  233. Hopper parts for yealings?
  234. How do you heat your enclosures.
  235. Shedding?
  236. Paper pellets vs. aspen, the importance of burrowing?
  237. Priming the Pump.
  238. Fillet of trout?
  239. silversides?
  240. Help in Brumating a Blackneck?
  241. Just found a garter
  242. T m canscens housing
  243. garter compatability
  244. 13 month hunger strike finally over!
  245. Do garters regulate their own diets?
  246. Garters and their love of water.
  247. Frogs/Toads
  248. Whiteboard = at a glance records
  249. red sided garter supplements
  250. Feeding techniques using forceps