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Snake lover 3-25
08-05-2008, 08:34 AM
is it strange to have 3 litters between 15 and 22 and no still-born or jellybeans????

is it strange to have 20 out of 22 eating well within 4 hrs of birth???

is the mothers skin usually folded onto it's self shortly after delivery???

is there anything (besides minimal handling and interaction) that should be done differently than normal because these babies will be released???

any other tips or information about care for the mother and her babies would be greatly appreciated!!!!:D

08-05-2008, 09:07 AM
Not really Shanley, thats a very good result.

#2 Again not really strange, Some of my babies have ate hours after birth, some wait as long as a few days.

Some moms birth better than others, Seen some get all skin and bones looking, and some not even appear any different than before.

Diana ate like crazy shortly after having her litter, she woofed down 2 really big creek shiners, and a pinky the same day after giving birth.

Minimal handling is a good idea for all snakes young and old, The best way is just give each one a guppy or two, next day, set them free in the early evening out there in that garter heaven you live next to.

Let the guppy digest a little, a full belly will slow them down. They will seek out shelter and food instinctively after human interference has ended.