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Thread: Baby garter snakes won't eat.

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    Baby garter snakes won't eat.

    General information
    They were birthed about 3 weeks ago, 5 healthy baby garter snakes.
    I separated these babies as I feared one of the adult snakes would mistake them for worms.
    They seem fine, drink water, are hyper active moving about in their circular enclosure or around your fingers if held, they seem perfect!

    Just like their mother..
    I find it adorable how they take after their mother, it's incredible.
    How do they you might wonder?
    Well, she only, and I mean only, accepts Mice//pinkies.
    Anything else - Worms, Fish, Slugs, etc, she will absolutely refuse, I've observed this, she'll nod her head to the said food items listed, as if to sniff it, and just move along, not interested in the slightest.
    She's healthy though, eating pinkies with a passion!

    The Problem
    Cute right? The babies are picky just like their stubborn mother.
    Oh, and then you remember to mention that unlike their mother, they refuse everything, including mice/pinkies. Essentially, starving themselves as new-borns.

    What's been desperately attempted
    I tried everything, separation (Solo feeding), cutting the worms into tiny pieces, medium pieces, I even tried cutting pinky legs off so it'd be their size, or just a chunk of the pinky in general, all of the babies are completely uninterested in feeding, and it's starting to get to the point of incredible concern.

    An idea I am worried to attempt
    I don't even know what to say anymore, it keeps me awake at night worrying about their lives. I don't understand what I am doing wrong.

    They're 3weeks old now, still very much active and moving about with curiosity.

    I was just thinking maybe, feeding them
    Egg Yolk
    would be acceptable to attempt without health concerns for them. I remember reading that snakes are essentially immune to Salmonella, but I don't know, what do you think I should do, does anyone have experience with baby garters that could possibly help me out??


    Cute right?
    Please help.

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    Re: Baby garter snakes won't eat.

    Any chance you can get some guppies? Single feed in a container with just enough water for the fish to flop around. That should stimulate a feeding response. After that, you can add in some worm chunks so striking at fish gets you a bit of fish smelling worm.
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