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Thread: Scaleless eastern garter morphs

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    Re: Scaleless eastern garter morphs

    Awesome looking animals! Congrats Jeff!
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    Re: Scaleless eastern garter morphs

    How much will the
    erythristic flame go for?

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    Re: Scaleless eastern garter morphs

    Quote Originally Posted by BUSHSNAKE View Post
    A lot of people specialize, focus on one species. Garters arent just garters...theres 20 plus species plus morphs. People like Eddy and Tommy radix who focus on one species, like many hobbiest do, are extremely successful at keeping those lines around.
    Its not that its difficult it just needs more people involved.
    That really is the reality of it, there's just too many species, subspecies and morphs for garters and the babies aren't super hardy and often adults don't breed without cooling and demand for them is up and down. Keeping with garters long term is almost impossible, barely anyone sticks it out for more than a few years.

    I could stick to only easterns and I'd be overwhelmed if I tried to produce half the morphs and localities... just for one subspecies.

    I have two new locality albinos, pure flames and mels. Just those four pairs is a handful and only scratches the surface of easterns.
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