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Thread: Quick ethical question

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    Quick ethical question

    So I was wondering if it's okay to pair my T.S female with my T.S pareitalis male? Or is that a no? My female was sold to me as a pareitalis but is obviously not.... Any insite on the do's and don'ts of breeding garters is extremely welcome...I'm very new to this species.

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    Re: Quick ethical question

    I would say no. Stay with pure bloodlines.
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    Re: Quick ethical question

    Also would love to see pics to verify 100% what you have.

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    Re: Quick ethical question

    Pic's would help us. Interbreeding is not popular in the garter hobby. With that said I am currently working with some garters that were accidentally interbred. They are not hybrids which some people call them. Garters do naturally interbreed from time to time in the wild do to over lapping habitat ranges. The ones I'm working with are a female Leucistic that was believed to be a Redsided was bred to a redsided male. One female baby survived from that litter. I acquired her and bred her back to an eastern male. I am currently raising the babies in hopes of producing a visual Leucistic. I will keep you posted.

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