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Thread: Anyone Raising Garters outside?

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    Re: Anyone Raising Garters outside?

    I think many of the responses to your thread were generate because of the vagueness of your post as to how this outside enclosure is used or even setup.
    I for one would like to know how this snake is able to bask (thermoregulate). How and where does it get a drink of water?
    We are just concerned and curious about what we where shown.
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    Re: Anyone Raising Garters outside?

    I'm going to sound like a big ol' cow by saying this... but...
    Most of the people here has a lot of experience. They have all dealt with a lot of garters and know what they are talking about. We all care about garters, even if they aren't ours... We enjoy helping other people take care of them properly. True, just because someone does it differently doesn't make it wrong, but when "different" means that they aren't getting what they need in captivity, there is a problem. You came here and asked a question, you got an answer. Just because you didn't like it, doesn't make our answer wrong. The fact that people cared enough to point out the problems that could occur with that enclosure is something that you should be grateful for, because one day you might just wake up and your beloved snakes could be dead.
    Sorry for the bitchy post, but my feathers are ruffled.
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    Re: Anyone Raising Garters outside?

    You're not doing it incorrectly because you're doing it differently, you're doing it incorrectly because you're not thinking about the needs of the animals which you are keeping.

    The differences in needs for tourtises and garters are many and important.

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