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    I recently found a garter snake and am planning on keeping it, I have all the requirements- spot to hide, water and I keep it clean, also have some artificial plants on one end. (Bought some nice bedding, the water bowl fake plants and a real wood log tunnel at Petsmart) THe only thing I need some advice on is this. I have my snake right now in a 15 gallon PLASTIC bin that i modified. (Drilled some holes and cut a big rectangle on the top that I have screen on). The problem is, is that i still cant keep my humidity in the 50-60 range. It averages about 70 but goes in the 80s on rainy days. QUESTION: WOULD BUYING A GLASS 15G terrarium help lower the humidity? Or is it a waste of money? Also, since where I live its normally AT LEAST 70% humidity outside in the summer! and since my snake was wild, would it be immune to diseases that can be caused by high humidities?

    PLEASE REPLIE ASAP! Thankyou lots!

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    First, I apologize for not responding sooner. I completely missed the post.

    The humidity(50-60%) isn't too high in my opinion. Are you using any kind of supplemental heat? Can you enlarge the top opening but still keep it secure? In my opinion natural humidity is much different then what we provide. In the wild the snakes can move and thus adjust. In an enclosure they are confined to a space. I don't think your snake is any more immune then any other snake(within reason, many variables)
    Here's a link to the forum care sheet.

    Garter Snake Forum - Garter Caresheet
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