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Thread: Garter snake enclosure in progress

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    Garter snake enclosure in progress

    I've been working on putting together a setup for a potential garter with a exo terra about the size of a five gal tank.
    I have setup this tiny exo terra with reptile carpet, some resin ornaments and a glass dish.
    Using this setup will depend on big the potential garter will be. If I end up with a bigger one, I will just move the contents of this tiny exo terra to a larger tank( I have many potential tanks with screen lids to use in sizes ranging from five gal up to fifty five gal).

    For heating I could go with a heating lamp or I could use a heating mat. I do not yet have a thermostat and I read heating pads must be combined with a thermostat which is an item I don't know much about.
    I think I would be inclined to use a heating pad since I have two small ones around new in packages that I got with ten gal reptile kits and never used.

    Will take a pic a bit later.

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    Re: Garter snake enclosure in progress

    Nice, but i would skip the reptile carpet bc even though it looks appealing to the eye its a breeding ground for bacteria from snake waste and spilled water dishes. Missed food particles that can also contribute to a potential bacterial load. Paper towels are much safer but have to be changed regularly. Lastly, you will need the most important piece of equiptment, your thermostat to control the heat pad. I can't stress the importance of a thermostat enough especially with heat pads or mats.
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    Re: Garter snake enclosure in progress

    I agree with Albert, he nailed it.
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    Re: Garter snake enclosure in progress

    Reptile carpet is alright as long as you have two and can switch them every two days while the dirty one gets washed and left to air dry.
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