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    3D great stuff background

    So I've always wanted to do this for any reptile really. But these little girls deserve an awesome pad.

    This is a 30 gal tall tank i got during my parents towns spring cleanup (you can find amazing things during these couple weeks!!! HAHA)
    So far I've siliconed the wood and corkbark down where i wanted it before i started with the great stuff.
    Tomorrow I'll be scraping/cutting certain areas down the way i want. I'm going to create a ledge up the wood and hopefully figure something out for a pond possibly under the corkbark area. I will also start covering the foam with silicone and dried coco fiber.

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    Re: 3D great stuff background

    Good looking girls.
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    Re: 3D great stuff background

    Congrats! That's creative. Healthy looking Thamns also.
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