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    Planted garter snake enclosure?

    Hello! I am wanting to do a planted tank for my garter snake, and i had a few questions:

    What types of plants are good for them? Do they like groundcover, vines, trees, grasses, tropical types plants, etc?
    Should i get a grow type plant light to keep the plants alive, or would the display light be all that is needed?
    Should i do like 1 plant or do they like more a dense jungle?

    I would absolutely love to see pictures of anyone who has done something like this. Thanks!

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    Re: Planted garter snake enclosure?

    You don't need plant lights, the terrarium light will be fine. It's good to get hardy plants that are tough and don't require heavy care requirements. I am a big fan of pothos, zzplant and dracaena plants. They are all seemingly unkillable and survive even when I forget to water them, plus they can handle garters climbing on them.

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