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Thread: What could I keep?

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    What could I keep?

    Hi Iím new to the forum I currently have a 12x12x18 exo Terra turned on its side that I was planning to use for a Dekays brown snake when spring rolls around. However Iím still wondering what other snakes I could keep?
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    Re: What could I keep?

    A Storeria dekayi would love it.
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    Re: What could I keep?

    You could keep a young garter or a male garter for sure

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    Re: What could I keep?

    If you use the vertical space by putting in plants and branches with possibly a hide and basking spot off the ground you can essentially double the floor space in the terrarium. This enclosure would be fine for a small male garter or two.

    Dekays brownsnake is also a fine option, although they are less likely to use vertical space I have seen them off the ground before. Lined snake, rough earth snake, worm snake, ringneck snake are all other small fossorial options.
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