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Thread: Pros and Cons

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    Pros and Cons

    What are your pros and cons for different types of tanks for your garter (glass, wooden/homemade, mesh, etc.)
    I have only used glass for my pets (except birds and dog) but here are my pros and cons
    Pros: 1) They are found pretty much everywhere.
    2) They keep humidity fairly well
    3) They hold water
    Cons: 1) The metal tops they give you can get pretty hot under a light.
    2) They are really heavy.
    3) They break easily.
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    Re: Pros and Cons

    Wood - Selfmade

    1) They can be made as you want.
    2) They have a good temperature isolation (lower power costs)
    3) They are cheap, but don't have to look like that
    4) They can be taken apart
    5) They're shock proof
    6) They screen from view (can I say that like that?)

    1) If it should get fine, it's alot of work
    2) They are heavy.
    4) If you don't add any silikon at the splices, they can't be really good cleaned and probably go wear very fast. I strongly recommend to do that, otherwise it won't be useful.

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    Re: Pros and Cons

    Wood - Selfmade

    - They can be made very light.
    - Easy to modify afterwards.

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