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    Lightbulb How to make an enclosure FOR LESS MONEY

    Hey I'm Alexis.

    I am going to make an enclosure, and thought to show you too. This enclosure is made with the less money possible.

    I will have pictures soon.

    Step 1 - You need to get all your supplies.

    At Walmart you can get:
    -A clean plastic tupperware for (depending on size) $10.00 - $15.00
    -A roll of screen for $8.00 (around)
    -Screws, bolts and nuts $5.00 (to the most)
    -Wood (this can be free if you have wood at your house, or a few dollars at a hardware store.)

    Get the plastic tupperware. Cut a hole (rectangular) on the lid. Put the screen (cut to size) on the rectangular hole. Add the wood around the screen and screw in screws and add bolts and nuts. so the wood holds the screen on nicely.

    After you decorate. Prices for decorations may differ. Your snake will need a stick for helping with shedding. On the screen you can place the lamp (heat source).

    Make sure the lid closes well with those side closer things. not just a lid for a tote!!!

    Add the bedding, hides and water bowl to the enclosure and anything else you want inside.

    This will cost in total (for non of the decorations!):

    Least: $26.00
    Most: $31.00

    This can cost less or most depending on what you are buying with out the cost of decorations!

    I don't know if I can have a garter snake but even if I can't I will post this and add pictures.

    Thank you.

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    Re: How to make an enclosure FOR LESS MONEY

    A few things:

    1. You might want to cut your screen somewhat bigger than the hole. That way, you have plenty of slack to work with. You can cut it down more once it is secure into place.

    2. I also use foam weather stripping around the edges of the box, to help fill in any space through which the snakes might try to squeeze.

    3. If your tub's handle locks aren't secure enough, you can augment them with cow clips (aka binder clips), which you can pick up in the office supply section of the store. I used to use cow clips on the sides to hold the lid securely there, but these days, I find the weather stripping is sufficient.
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    Re: How to make an enclosure FOR LESS MONEY

    thanks for the extra things I forgot about!

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    Re: How to make an enclosure FOR LESS MONEY

    heating + thermostat?
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    Re: How to make an enclosure FOR LESS MONEY

    Heating's probably not a necessity if kept inside at household temperatures, but a thermometer to monitor the temp is an absolute necessity. I went out and bought the complete 20g long set up from petco with heating pad, water dish, substrate, the works when we first got Sly, but I've wizened up a bit.. With a little searching you could find a used terrarium for less than what you're spending on supplies Check freecyle, craigslist, yard sales, thrift stores, etc.

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