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Thread: Kittens! (Soon)

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    Talking Kittens! (Soon)

    Its been a long time since I last posted, but here's an exciting update! I've been living on a small, about 15 acres, farm for a good year now. Chickens, pygmy goats, a couple horses, and a pair of ducks that decided to move in.

    Back in May of 2016(before I moved to the farm) I adopted a kitten, Bianca, from a local rescue. She was about 8 months old and had been spayed when she was 5 months old(now we know that was a lie.) She had her first heat in July, she was a small cat and only recently actually put on size, and my only intact male on my farm got to her. All of the other cats on my farm work as mousers and are fixed.

    The intact male, Loki, has a really high amount of testosterone(like a bull shark lol, anything that isn't a part of his "pride" is attacked) and he keeps raccoons and oppossums away from the chickens, as well as keeps other cats off the property. Loki is also a very large cat, about 25 pounds of muscle, he's very intimidating. Funny thing, he ignores the black rat snake that steals chicken eggs occasionally. I don't mind the snake, he helps with mice too, so if he wants eggs, he can have them. His name is Odin because he is older, and fairly battle scarred. Odin is extremely defensive, to the point of jumping and huffing when anyone goes near him, odd because every other black rat in the area is extremely docile, even young juveniles. I believe he might be mostly blind and that is why he is so defensive.

    All of the cats sleep in a modified chicken coop, aside from Bianca who follows me inside at night and now stays inside due to pregnancy.

    Now, just a couple days away from her approximate due date, we're getting ready to welcome 3 new mousers! They'll be fixed by 4 months of age, and Bianca will be fixed(for sure) once the kittens are around 2-3 months old. It was accidental, but the kittens will not be leaving so I know they have a forever home. Once the little beans are born, I shall update with pictures!

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    Re: Kittens! (Soon)

    Nice to see you back on the site.
    5 awesome kids!
    Emmy, Kale, Molly, Gabby, Hailee
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