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Thread: It was obviously meant to be...

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    It was obviously meant to be...

    Have you ever had that moment when you thought something was meant to be?

    Well that has just happened to me. I have been pestering my local shop for garters (coast to coast exotics) for ages as they often manage to source some unique thamnophis. Today I was in acquiring another liophis (anomalus this time) when the owner let out a yelp of excitement. Whilst moving some boxes at the back of the shop he found a Mexican black-bellied garter slithering about! This garter was originally bought from Sjoerd at Doncaster by the shop but managed to escape and it has been AWOL since October. Not only does it seem in great health, it has grown substantially. I can only presume it has been feeding on slugs and worms.

    Anyway, I took our coming together as fate and therefore I'm an owner of another melanogaster canescens and at a bargain price!! A super Saturday for me!
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    Re: It was obviously meant to be...

    Awesome but is your camera broken
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    Re: It was obviously meant to be...

    LOL, thanks, I needed a laugh.
    Quote Originally Posted by guidofatherof5 View Post
    Awesome but is your camera broken
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    Re: It was obviously meant to be...

    What an awesome coincidence!
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