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Thread: Feeding in separate cage.

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    Feeding in separate cage.


    I'm a new garter snake owner, new snake owner and new to this forum!

    I have a question about feeding. A lot of people recommend feeding your snake in a different enclosure... However, I've also seen people say that you shouldn't bother your snake for 24 hours after feeding to ensure it doesn't regurgitate it's food. So, i'm a little confused because if I fed it in a different enclosure, i'd have to touch and bother it to put it in it's original enclosure.. Is it really that big of a deal? Am I over thinking it?

    I know, noob question. I'm sorry. lol

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    Re: Feeding in separate cage.

    Just a little over thinking. They will be fine being put back into their home. Many snakes adapt very well to container feeding and learn(get some food) it's a good thing.

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    Re: Feeding in separate cage.

    Garters eat smaller more frequent meals and are not prone to regurging, I've never had one I handle during/after feeding regurge. Also you don't need to feed in a separate enclosure it really doesn't make a difference although it can be more convenient and simple for you, I do it for some of my snakes but most just eat in their enclosure.
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