Hello hello! Long time no see, everyone! I know I only hop on here every couple of years now, but my life has been too hectic to be around much.
Unfortunately, my Cuddles passed away last year. He started acting very ill one day and passed away less than 24 hours later. We have no idea what happened, and I miss him, but I know he was much better off than his siblings, who didn't make it past their first few months of life. He was just over seven years old, I believe.

I do still have one garter snake. I posted two years ago when I found a baby a bit lost in the backyard when we were under thread of potential evacuation from the Eagle Creek fire here in Oregon. I ended up keeping him, but I'm still not 100% certain what he is. We assume he is a northwestern, since all of the snakes I find in the backyard are pretty obviously ordinoides. But Creek has a pattern that I'm not used to seeing on the northwesterns out back. Most of them are very solid, dark colors with a stripe on their back. He looks more spotty. Any opinions on the pattern? I still think he is a northwestern, just a little different from the rest of his family. (Fairly certain Creek is male, but if anyone thinks otherwise I would love to hear xD)

Creek is also very small. He sheds regularly, but just doesn't seem to grow much. He takes at least 1 pinky mouse a week, sometimes 2, and then has several other feedings of worms during most of the year, except for a significant part of summer. But he seems healthy and does not appear to be underweight, so I guess he just likes being small.


In the meantime, my husband and I took a step forward and got a snake together. Severus Snake is the sweetest baby ball python I've ever met and I'm quite happy to have him as part of our family ^_^