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    Any Pairings Going On?

    I apologize to the mods if the wanted section is more appropriate, I'm not quite in the stage of really asking for anything specific, so I'm posting here.

    Just wondering what all everyone has going on for pairings rn, and when I should be expecting babies to drop? I'm currently waiting to close on a house and I'd like to get a small group of garters this summer. Both of my garters have passed and I'd love to have some more.

    I'm not really picky on what I get so long as they aren't too expensive, or you're willing to work with me on payment plans. I'm mostly interested in checkered garters or snow plains, but open to other varieties.

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    Re: Any Pairings Going On?

    I'm surprised this site still has any activity. I wouldn't worry about where you post what.

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