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Thread: So quiet???

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    So quiet???

    Garters have become increasing popular in the past two years in the United States. All the more experienced garter keepers were on this site prior to the surge in popularity. But traffic on this site has decreased tremendously. What gives? baby ery flame.jpg

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    Re: So quiet???

    I think forum traffic is down in many areas due to Facebook. Just my thoughts.
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    Re: So quiet???

    My sense is that this forum is dead because for a long time it was comprised mostly of longtime garter keepers and insiders who didn't need to ask for advice on the forum, so when newbies like me got into garters and sought out help or information here, no one was responding, or, you'd get one or two answers. So I went to Facebook instead. (I started keeping garters in 2018.)

    As you noted in your post, all the experienced keepers were on this site. It didn't feel to me like most of them, aside from a few loyalists like guidofatherof5, really made an effort to answer questions.

    I think if this site was more consistently active people would post here. I joined two garter pages on Facebook because this site was so dead, so there's also the possibility that the Facebook pages are flourishing BECAUSE this forum is dead and not the other way around.

    I'm a member of other non-Facebook pet and gardening forum sites that are active, and I visit those sites almost daily. I think it's definitely possible to revive and keep up a forum if people are active.

    I feel like a lot of people view posts here but no one comments, which discourages newbies from posting. This website also always loads wrong on my cellphone and laptop. The whole screen is black, the words are blue and mushed together and it looks like I'm staring at the negative of a photo. Once I click on an actual post/thread, the website looks normal -- white and gray background with black words/letters that aren't crammed into each other.

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