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    Newbie here! Just saying hey!

    I also wanted to introduce my new addition to our Zoo Mr Lefty. He had an accident with some gorilla tape and lost a couple scales and his eye ball. I have him in a 35 tall. Itís a weird tank actually. Itís the same foot print as a 29 but a few inches taller. Any way I have tons of lichen and moss covered branches that he like to sprawl and bask under his light. The substrate is coconut husk/bark mix. He has a sizable water dish. I am thinking of using pond foam and rocks to form a filtered pool for fish. Iíve heard varying opinions on this but I havenít found an answer to this. Are white cloud minnows OK?8EA6B133-3742-4AF4-BF37-733FE0654C60.jpg561CC984-284C-4E57-B746-BC9886A9FE25.jpgAA6CED3C-5AF5-4F5D-8D48-E67403D6E7BC.jpg

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    Re: Newbie here! Just saying hey!

    Of the family Cyprinidae, I would say no. Thiaminase is the problem.
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