Would like to know when female juvenile T. sirtalis pallidus would begin to outgrow males of their age.

Let's use Maritime Garters born in northern Maine during August as an example. Approximately 1 month later, the ones that survived predation are in a mountain crevice to brumate for the next ~8 months. They go into brumation all roughly the same size, right? Correct me if I'm wrong. And they do not grow at all while in brumation, right? If anything their size (diameter) decreases. Again, correct me if this is not so.

Worms are up in late April/early May, and the garters, the resilient ones that were fortunate enough to find a crevice below the frost line with access to water, start consuming worms. So far they are all still the same size, right? Females are no larger than males? Correct me if wrong.

So, they eat all summer, worms, frogs, any living thing that they can fit into their mouths. Is this when the females begin the growth spurt that surpasses the males? I know once a female is large enough for mice and voles her size (her mass/bodyweight) can double or even triple after a month of 18 hour days. It's before this stage that I'm curious about. Thanks for reading.