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    Need help sexing my garters

    Hi. Iím on mobile so Iím going to make this short.
    Scotts Mexican garter (Eques scotti) and Florida blue(sirtalis similis).
    both adult, supposed to be females but people were saying the eques scotti is a male.

    here are the pictures:

    Attachment 15369
    florida blue

    Attachment 15370
    Florida blue

    Attachment 15371
    eques scotti

    Attachment 15372
    Eques Scotti

    so, thank you in advance. They are in the same enclosure for now, if theyíre mixed sexes Iíll have to separate them. So I wonít have hybrids (bastards).

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    Re: Need help sexing my garters

    The main view we need is with the underside of the tail hanging straight down.
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