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Thread: Platies

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    Re: Platies

    lol im planning on feeding them to my new baby eastern flames, shouldnt take long untill they of feeding size
    Quote Originally Posted by thinkmore View Post
    Sounds like you're on the right track Bigger tanks and lots of plants and hiding places are just the thing for those times the mom has the kids and you're not expecting it.

    Platies don't need nearly as much salt as mollies (though they look pretty similar). A little bit will do it.

    The annoying part of the project is waiting SO long for the darn little fishes to grow up

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    Re: Platies

    All I can say, is that my wandering garters grew so much faster, that the guppies I had couldn't keep up. By the time they were big enough for a neonate garter, the garters themselves were big enough to eat adult fish.

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