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    Behavior Question

    Thanks everyone for the solid advice and identification of my Plains in my previous thread. She has settled in very nicely and has taken night crawlers, minnows and her first f/t pinky tonight without hesitation. She did a little bob and weave before taking it!

    Now that she has settled in, she burrows less, but has moved her (aspen) substrate around a lot! There are now low spots and high mounds everywhere.

    I'm wondering if there are theories as to why this behavior? Is it simply an end result of hunting and burrowing or is she actually "decorating" her home to make it more comfortable?


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    Re: Behavior Question

    Hey Kurt, she's just making it her place. Garters move a lot and the bedding isn't exactly a solid it'll bunch up. In saying that though my Dekay female will brace her head against the tank and push her hide around sometimes before getting's hilarious.

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    Re: Behavior Question

    Hi Kurt,
    when she trys to get out she pushes the beeding behind her,
    thats the only way she can try to raun through the wall.
    She is definetly no interior decorator.
    Allready waiting for the sommer
    best wishes bis bald Udo
    Breeding Redsides EGSA-Chairman

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    Re: Behavior Question

    Silly. She's arranging her Feng Shui. LOL

    Lori, New Hope Rescue-- rescuing equines and others

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    Re: Behavior Question

    Glad to hear she's settling in so well, Kurt!
    As for the bedding, well, I've given up on trying to keep the tanks looking neat. Those silly snakes just love to mess it all up!

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