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    Brown back minnows? ...

    Howdy guys,

    The bait shop down the road where I buy my feeders doesn't carry rosies during summer. I baught 2 dozen 'brown back minnows' today, but I thought I'd see if anyone is familar with them.

    I was told rosies are safe to feed, (no thiaminase problems) but I'm not sure about these..

    Thanks as always,


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    Re: Brown back minnows? ...

    Sorry Hannah... never heard of them. They're probably caught locally. If you can't find a scientific name and can't get help here, I'd just feed a dozen. Then feed something else for a few weeks; then give them a few more, but I wouldn't make them a major part of their diet. Even when feeding goldfish, it takes at least 6 months for snakes to start "showing" side-effects, so just proceed slowly.


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    Re: Brown back minnows? ...

    I get brown minnows here sometimes. They look just like the rosy ones and my snakes seem to like them better.
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