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    Re: Thiaminase in Atherina boyeri

    I had to look this one up since I just bought a pack of these IQF smelt that was exported from Turkey.

    Big-scale sand smelt (Atherina boyeri) No Thiaminase

    Pond smelt (Hypomesus olidus) No Thiaminase

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    Re: Thiaminase in Atherina boyeri

    Quote Originally Posted by Stefan-A View Post
    I suspect they do. The fish should also be heated to at least 80 C for 5 minutes, to destroy thiaminase

    These fish aren't technically smelt (as in belonging to Osmeridae).
    Oh! I had no idea you could cook the thiaminase out of fish! Does that work with any fish? I have some salmon filets labeled “Wild Caught” in my freezer but the location isn’t on there so I don’t fully trust it. But if I could cook the thiaminase out that would be great!

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    Re: Thiaminase in Atherina boyeri

    Is this the freshwater variety of smelt? If so, they are on the unsafe list for Thiaminase.
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