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Thread: Just curious...

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    Just curious...

    I've never done the breeder thing before. What is the going price for healthy normal ordinoides babies? Do people even buy them? I just don't want to ask too much, or too little. They are great babies, very big (I'm told). Once they are eating well on pinkies, I need to find homes for the ones we aren't keeping. Thanks everyone!
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    Re: Just curious...

    I know you have pics in other threads I think ut could you put some in here. I m sorry I dont know how much they are.
    I wanted to Thank you Steve for your help with the heating pad.

    I have 4 Easterns(mine: Furbie and Whiplash; moms: Diamond and Silky) all are 5 and half months old. So much fun gaters are.

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    Re: Just curious...

    at the expos around here most "normal" garters seem to go for anywhere between $15 to $75, with the bulk going for around $35
    ordinoides are not normal around here though
    when you have to pay for overnight shipping, that alone costs about as much these days
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    Re: Just curious...

    Quote Originally Posted by katach View Post
    I've never done the breeder thing before. What is the going price for healthy normal ordinoides babies?
    They generally aren't available. The few I've had I threw into a group of other snakes for a trade deal or I gave them away.

    Given the current market conditions, I think they are probably worth almost nothing unless they're melanistic or erythristic (the latter of which wouldn't be show in babies anyway since it takes time for them to color up). But, given the popularity of my red stripe girl Miss Piggy (Now Shannon's) I was going to charge $10 for her babies but like I said, I ended up sending them off in trade.

    If it were me, I would post some good clear pics and ask for offers of trade or "best offer" or something like that and see what happens. Be sure to also include pics of mom.

    I think there's just a few people here that would be willing to buy WC adults that are eating well, if they are nicely colored or particularly attractive ones before they would want to buy a dull colored baby, but still, unless it's something spectacular like an erythristic, melanistic, or something else really special, they're not really worth much and in this market this year it's rather hard to sell even something like an albino red sided and prices have dropped considerably on those and flames, and just about everything else.

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