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    Re: Funny garter/cat story

    Quote Originally Posted by Mommy2many View Post
    My cats are also very interested. It is their form of entertainment, watching the snakes.
    It might be but what they are thinking has nothing to do with entertainment.
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    Re: Funny garter/cat story

    I am very aware of that. But my snakes seem to care less. Just like my frogs that are next to my snakes. In any event, they are very well protected from the furry stalkers.
    Le Ann

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    Re: Funny garter/cat story

    My cat broke into my room and was trying to get into the baby's tank. When my mom realized that it wasn't me in the room, she quickly grabbed her and threw her out of my room. I don't think she's bothered coming in unless the door is open (and she gets in trouble for coming in anyways) My office and room are off limits to the furry pets, because I'm allergic to them, and they have tried to eat my snakes and frogs before.
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    Re: Funny garter/cat story

    awesome story! my old cat years ago wouldnt touch the snakes, but any mouse escaped, it ended up dead. =)

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    Re: Funny garter/cat story

    We have one cat that obsesses over the little animals. She refuses to go outside and has some sort of kitty OCD (seriously, she moves her toys into specific patterns on the floor each day, checks on them periodically, and flips out if they are moved even a little), so she just sits for hours at a time watching the snakes. That's half the reason I got my fiance to make a custom-fitted cage top for Houdini...

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    Re: Funny garter/cat story

    Quote Originally Posted by PINJOHN View Post
    This cat, taking walk's, he no like
    there's just no way to get him to hike
    I bet he would stay put
    with a snake up his butt
    and an imminent asteroid strike
    Muahahha! That was great.

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