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    Wink New Puget Sound coming to me soon.... have lots of ???

    Hey guys!

    I am so excited that I will have a new 13 male Puget shipped to me in a few weeks. This will be my first garter. The breeder only works with some pythons and then the pugets and he has helped me so much. Just need more questions answered.

    #1 Can I cut up mice Fuzzies in little pieces insted of pinkies? (Along with the tilapia... I already have a corn on the fuzzies... if not I can get pinkies no problem.) Breeder said 2x a week would be okay.

    #2 How do I know I have fed him enough? (Want to keep him heathy and not overweight.)

    #3 I am quarantine him for about a month... should I use a 10 gallon with like 4 locks for his cage or would a exo tetra tank like 12x12x18 work as well? (I don't know if they climb and it is secure as well.)

    #4 Is a heat pad okay? Even if I go with the 12x12x18 it should still leave a temp granulate, correct?

    #5 I know all snakes are different but how hard is it to tame these little guys?

    #6 What substrate is best with these pugets? (Newpaper, pellets, eco-earth or shavings?)

    #7 Should I provide a moist hiding box for moister? (Filled with like moss or a wet paper towel?)

    Thats all I can think of right now.... thank you for all your help! Will post pictures up when I get the little guy!

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    Re: New Puget Sound coming to me soon.... have lots of ???

    If you use tilapia make sure it is trisodium phosphate free and try not to let them over feed on fillet because thick slabs of meat vs a whole prey is harder to digest. Another good food source would be frozen thawed silversides or nightcrawler worms cut up. I hope you enjoy the little guy and as far as taming goes it should be pretty docile. They are pretty squirmy though until they get used to being handled!

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    Re: New Puget Sound coming to me soon.... have lots of ???

    As far as the fuzzy goes i asked the same question....garters cannot digest fur so compaction may be an issue eventually but the way i hear it some seem to be more tolerant than others.....i use silversides and pinks...and welcome!

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    Re: New Puget Sound coming to me soon.... have lots of ???

    #1 I wouldn't offer any fur especially if these are young/baby snakes

    #2 Much depends on the size of the snake. Young/babies should have a nice bulge but not be stuffed.

    #3 A longer quarantine would be better (in my opinion) and yes they are climbing machine and escape artists. A secure lid is a necessity.

    #4 Thermoregulation is very important. ZooMed makes a mini-heat pad that would probably work great.

    #5 You are correct. It takes time (the snakes time not yours) Females seem to enjoy handling more then males.

    #6 Good question, yes you are right.

    #7 It is certainly not a bad idea. Just keep it clean as they will use it as a bathroom.
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    Re: New Puget Sound coming to me soon.... have lots of ???

    Welcome! I agree with Steve. I also feed salmon, nightcrawlers and minnows (dace, live) as well as pinkies. A longer quarantine is also recommended. Some say as long as 90 days. Steve is also correct at the climbing and escape artist abilities these snakes possess
    I use the shredded aspen as the substrate. It is cheaper and I don't think smells as bad as some others. Water dishes and hides are favourite items to go to the bathroom in.

    Good luck!
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    Re: New Puget Sound coming to me soon.... have lots of ???

    My puget sound does well on Zoo Med Forest Floor. It keeps the humidity up and he sheds in one go. I have lots of things for him to climb on so he cruises around his cage checking things out. I do put a little bit of wet paper towel in a hide to also help with humidity, and yes he sometimes uses it as a toilet.

    My guy was a little skittish when I first got him but the most he did was try to run away. I held him over his cage and did the "hand-over-hand" method until he calmed down. Eventually he learned that I wasn't going to hurt him and if he was calm he would get put back in his home. Now he climbs all over me, checking things out. He was older than yours when I got him though so I would maybe try not to overdo handling your baby. Just remember that he's going to shoot out of your hands rather than wind around your fingers like a constrictor would. Definitely handle yours over his cage so he has something soft to land on.

    I hope this was helpful. Congrats on your baby! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with him. Mine is quite a character.

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