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Thread: Baby Wonít Eat Worms????

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    Unhappy Baby Wonít Eat Worms????

    So I have a baby garter that was born back in December. Since itís birth, it has only eaten danios. I need to switch it to worms or another option for a while, my fish-provider hasnít had healthy fish recently. He keeps refusing worms and wants nothing to do with them. They just donít catch his attention. Any tips or tricks on how to fix this? Heís still too small for a pinky mouse but I donít know what else to try. I have some danios but theyíre still fry and too small to feed. Thanks

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    Re: Baby Wonít Eat Worms????

    Chop and crush up a Danio then cut up a worm and mix it all together. That should introduce worms and after awhile you can use less and less fish.
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    Re: Baby Wonít Eat Worms????

    my easterns love worms. my eastern black necks will not touch it. all of the garter species i've worked with seem to like fish. these days i just get a pack of frozen sally silversides from petco and cut it into little pieces for my baby eastern black necks and eastern flame garters. haven't lost a baby yet. since the fish is frozen, very unlikely chance they'll catch parasites. i slowly transition them to chopped pinks that i mix in with the chopped fish and eventually just to small juvenile rodents to make it more simple for myself. no more worms. remembered when i bought a thousands earthworms at once and if they get too warm they drop dead and the stench of the dead worms was horrible

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