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Thread: Wild &Captive Cohab

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    Wild &Captive Cohab


    So, I have a wild caught garter. (I didn't catch it, it was given to me, and I've been told that I shouldn't release it back into the wild.)

    I'd like to have at least two garter, and am looking into buying another from a breeder. Given that the wild caught has clean bill of health, would it be okay to house a wild caught and a captive bred snake together?

    Also, do I need to take Garter species into consideration when cohabiting?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Wild &Captive Cohab

    There is a risk that these two snakes may infect each other just by way of where each is from. Both will have pathogens the other doesn't have. You should only house the same species in my opinion and definitely only house the same sex.
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