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    Slugs for northwesterns?

    I live in the Portland area of Oregon. I have read that northwesterns eat slugs and there are certainly a lot out in the backyard. Is it safe to feed them to my wild caught babies? They can be picky early on and I worry about them not getting enough nutrition from just earthworms as I work on trying to get them onto pinkies, but Cuddles once had issues with the slime. I think he would have died if we hadn't interveined. Are there slugs in my area that are not safe? Are any safe at all? Creek is on pinkies but I do have a baby that is very picky about food.
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    Re: Slugs for northwesterns?

    They do love their slugs. As long as they are coming from a pesticide free area the only thing you have to worry about is possible parasites. Babies can be picking even to the death. If slugs are on their menu I would feed them.
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