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Thread: Going bioactive

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    Re: Going bioactive

    Quote Originally Posted by Lamb View Post
    Thanks I will. Come to find out I panicked I did all the cleaning but wasn’t mites it was something else lil blacked winged bugs similar to fruit flies but I still cleaned them washed them changed the bedding went with carefresh but idk if I will stay that route.
    Did the cleaning get rid of the bugs. Hopefully they were just gnats. While gnats are annoying in more ways then one mites are worse. Hopefully the cleaning took care of it.


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    Re: Going bioactive

    Yes thanks it did. Their good and healthy still tryna switch from salmon to pinkies and hoppers that was their last diet from the person I got them from. They took the mice the first time every time after been difficult. Also do I have to burmate them. I’m reading they only mate after burmation.

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