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    Baby checkered garters weight

    Hi everybody,
    Iíve have two baby checkered garters for three months now, got them when they were two months old and weighted 5 and 6 grams. Now at 5 months old they are 14,5 and 15 grams, I feed them twice a week chopped up pinkies and sparingly frozen fish ( thiaminase free ). Are they growing ok or should I be concerned? I couldnít find reliable growth charts, sorry if itís a dumb question.
    Thanks a lot for helping and sorry for eventual bad English ( Iím not a native speaker)

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    Re: Baby checkered garters weight

    I don’t know what weights are good at certain ages, but I’ve raised four babies and they all grew slowly. It took a few years for them to get to a decent size.

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    Re: Baby checkered garters weight

    Welcome to the community.

    They do grow slowly, but I would feed them as much as they want to eat while they are very young. I used to keep a bowl with guppies in it so they could feed when they were hungry. Also gave them a chance to work to catch their food. Just a thought.

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