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    out of brumation

    Can anyone help me with this? I was wondering how or what is the best way to get them to start feeding after coming out of brumation. I have been raising the temps for a week now and have it about 70-75 degrees. I put the one that just came from resting in with the other that never stopped eating or went into brumation. Any tips would help. Thanks

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    Re: out of brumation

    Try different food stuffs. Movement is great. If you can put some feeder fish in a very shallow pan of water so that they splash and flop around, it's usually more temptation than the snake can resist. Privacy during their first few meals usually helps quite a bit, too.

    Sometimes snakes eat right after they come out of brumation, but taking a week to 10 days after brumation isn't at all uncommon. In nature, males in particular, may hang around a hibernaculum for over a month without eating while they're trying to mate.

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