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Thread: Auto-Saved & Restore Functions

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    Auto-Saved & Restore Functions

    I know these functions have been with the new software for awhile but I thought it might be good to point them out.
    From time to time I close a browser when I didn't mean too or move to a different page while Im posting to a thread or even when creating a thread.
    In the old days I would have to retype whatever was lost.
    This is not true with the "Auto-Saved" function. While you are replying to a thread or creating a thread you will see the "Auto-Saved" icon flash in the lower right corner of the text box. This means your text has been saved. This function happens ever couple of minutes while you are in the text box working. If you leave the page or even close the browser your work is still saved.
    When you return to that thread you will see the "Restore Auto-Saved Content" in the lower left corner of the text box. Simply click on that button and the last saved version of your text will be returned to the text box.
    This function is especially handy if you've created a long reply.

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    Re: Auto-Saved & Restore Functions

    Thanks for posting that Steve, I didn't know how to restore the auto-saved text.

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    Re: Auto-Saved & Restore Functions

    Good to point out. I've used it quite frequently.
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    Re: Auto-Saved & Restore Functions

    Hey thanks for pointing that out. I've actually noticed the "Auto-Saved" thing in the corner but never payed much attention, or looked into it. Glad to know its function now
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