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Thread: Wild Garter in car

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    Wild Garter in car

    A full size garter came into my car via a garbage bag and went from the hatchback trunk into the back seat gap. I put in salmon but it was never eaten. I left the car doors open for 3 days. I found shed skin. I haven't seen it again but don't know if it left or is still in the car. The car was not used for one week while the temps were up tp 90 degrees outside. If it did not leave the car would it be able to survive in the heat? I read that they may not eat for up to 3 months so if it is still alive and in the car, at least it won't be starving. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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    Re: Wild Garter in car

    About all you can do is do a hard look for it. So, you've seen this garter?
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    Re: Wild Garter in car

    Also, as the temperatures rise to really high levels most snakes become very uncomfortable and begin moving very fast to try and escape the heat. As long as he has room to move around and seek shelter and isn't confined directly in the heat it's ok.
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    Re: Wild Garter in car

    If you had the car doors open for 3 days I bet it crawled out after it shed and went on its way.

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