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    CB 10 Adult Flame 100% het leucistic eastern garter

    Regrettably to make room for 2012 holdbacks, I am selling a few adult snakes, some of which are very rare in collections. This female is from a leucistic bred to an unrelated normal female so is 100% het. Some leucistic babies turn flame orange, sherbert colored or white, they are all white at birth. This female eats F/t adult mice weekly and is flawless. I expect to have leucistics and 66% hets next year so the buyer gets the opportunity to be first on the list for 2013 babies. Pictured is the het for sale and leucistics.


    No trades, shipping is extra. Paypal & USPS money orders are all accepted forms of payment. Questions, please call the number below or email Scott @ Thankyou !
    Scott Felzer
    919-413-8321 EST

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