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    CB 12 High Red Nebraska Albino Plains garters & hets

    A female high red Nebraska albino plains dropped a small litter 135 days from when she was bred (this is the longest gestation I have ever had w/ a garter I owned), she was bred by a double het Nebraska albino x High red plains. There are 7 babies in the clutch, all females, 3 albinos and 4 hets. The hets are 100% het for High red Nebraska albino. The albinos will color up over time. First 3 pics are of the mom (not for sale), third of Nebraska albino and last a het. Pics do not do the adult female justice, she is dripping in red, orange, yellow and purple hues, one of the most beautiful garter morphs imo. Babies will need to feed numerous times before being sent out.

    0.3 High Red Nebraska Albino $150
    0.4 Hets $65

    No trades, shipping is extra. Paypal & USPS money orders are all accepted forms of payment. Questions, please call the number below or email Scott @ Thankyou !
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    Scott Felzer
    919-413-8321 EST

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