I have a nice group of adults that are all 100% het snow eastern garter snakes. All the animals were purchased from Scott Felzer and Jeff Benfer, and all are proven breeders. I guarantee their genetics and health 100%. Animals listed below are priced individually, or buy them all for $625 shipped!!! These will produce on average 25% snows, 25% albinos, 25% melanistics, and 25% 66% poss het snow normals. With the erythristic gene you will also have varying amounts of red in all the animals. Pics available of all animals upon request.

1.0 Proven Double Het Snow - $130
0.2 Proven Erythristics Het Snow (Nice Red) - $175 each (pictured)
0.1 Proven Erythristic Het Snow (Low Red) - $150
0.1 Proven Double Het Snow - $130