Hi All

I would like to introduce ReptiTracker to you

ReptiTracker is record keeping software that can be used to log records of your reptiles, arachnids, birds, fish and insects, feeding shedding breeding growth medical etc.

The Bird, Fish and Insect interface is still under development but I have completed the Reptiles and Arachnid interfaces.

If you are looking for a record keeping package that is user friendly, cheap and can keep record of multiple pets then ReptiTracker is for you, There is a Demo Version available for free on the website. Home Page

(Please note the Demo only allow 3 reptiles / arachnids to be added)

If you purchase ReptiTracker and Register you will receive free updates for life and have full support!

The software include features like Printing, exporting, email, backups etc.

Payment is accepted via Payfast. Cost R149.00 (ZAR) +/- $18 (US) there is a currency calculator on the site that can calculate the cost for international currency's and its up to date! We accept payment with a Visa / Mastercard Credit Card as well!

For more info visit Home Page or http://www.facebook.com/reptitracker if you visit the FB page please "Like" the page while your there.

Thanks @ndy