I'm giving up with snake-keeping for quite a while and I want to sell the equipment I have.
10-gal with screen top
2 zilla screen clips
Zoo-Med Aspen Snake Bedding (only used once)
2 hanging plants (1 won't hang any more but can still used for cover)
1 shedding rock
1 cave
1 water bowl
1 zoo-med mite off (never used)
1 zoo-med wipe off (never used- forgot I had it)
1 zilla corner litter scoop
exo-terra thermometer
zoo-med electronic thermometer
1 rep-cal phosphorus-free calcium with vit.d (used twice)
1 terra-fauna repto-life plus supplement (never used)
1 zoo-med repti wound healing aid (never used)
1 zoo-med repti shedding aid (never used)
1 undertank heater

Asking price $60.00 in cash.