I have six July 2012 born Eastern Garters that I am interested in selling or trading. These little scrubs are eating pinky parts and nightcrawlers (though they prefer nightcrawlers and usually need scenting when they are feeling picky towards the pinky parts). I am willing to ship anywhere other than the state of Georgia. I have checked my local laws and I am legally allowed to sell from the city i currently reside as garters are considered a pest animal, but as far as I know most other places in Georgia ban these animals in captivity.
$15 each or, if you are very very nice.... $60 for the whole group (not including shipping). I'm also fine with trades. I am interested in all fields of reptile, but will ALWAYS double check my laws here first! Offer anything you have if you're interested in trading! Thank you!
I don't plan on shipping until it's a little warmer, just waiting for that right moment.... but if you or anyone you know is interested in some wild-bred captive-raised garters with good stomachs let me know!

My email address is taylor.shields1357@gmail.com with any interests or questions!
Please include your full name. Not to be untrusting, but I always try and "background check" anyone I am working with! Thank you!

Note: I cannot offer any gurentees. My goal here isnt to make money, and I will do all I can to make sure these little guys make it to you safe and sound. But if something occurs, I can't back up the purchase with a replacement. I will offer a refund on the animal within the first week, but sadly not on the shipping (as I'm still not even sure how shipping will work at this point, going to investigate some shipping companies and get some opinions!)